OrchidE Version 2023.1.3: Updates for Quick Documentation and EAP version 2024.1.

OrchidE 2023.1.3

OrchidE 2023.1.3 brings minor improvements to the Quick Documentation of Ansible modules. It also includes updates for EAP version 2024.1.

The Quick Documentation supports the new formatting and option links of the Ansible 9 documentation. And sample code in the documentation is now displayed with syntax highlighting.

Syntax Highlighting for example within quick documentation


  • Change: Compatibility updates for IntelliJ platform version EAP 2024.1.
  • Change: Support for inventory host variables in subfolders.


Support for IntelliJ platform 2022.2 is deprecated and will end with the launch of the EAP for IntelliJ version 2024.2.