A IntelliJ Language Support Plugin for Ansible.

OrchidE plugin

The OrchidE plugin extends the IntelliJ platform with language support for Ansible®, with the ability to get various editor features for playbooks, roles and variables.

Code Assistant

OrchidE's code assistant functions help in many ways with Ansible playbooks, tasks, inventories, variables and Jinja2 templates.

Code Navigation

OrchidE simplifies navigation between Ansible files in an IntelliJ project. Context-based in code editor or globally with IntelliJ's Search Everywhere feature.

Ansible Vault Support

OrchidE has everything you need to create, edit and use Ansible Vaults directly in IntelliJ: encrypt and decrypt entire Vaults or individual variables, change passwords or Vault IDs.

Quick Documentation

With OrchidE, Ansible documentation is always where you need it: directly in IntelliJ on the code.

Inspections & Intentions

OrchidE's Inspections and Intentions help to avoid or eliminate errors or to add code during code creation.

Ansible Galaxy

OrchidE's extension OrchidE-Builder brings the collections from Ansible Galaxy directly into IntelliJ: with code completion, documentation and support for many inspections.