OrchidE Version 2023.1.1: Improved code assistant for argument-spec variables and improved configuration support for Ansible folders.

OrchidE 2023.1.1

OrchidE 2023.1.1 improves the use of variables from the argument-spec definition of a role and automatically recognizes standard folders for roles, playbooks and inventories.

Improved support for argument spec variables

In inventory variable files (group_vars/host_vars) there is now extensive support for code completion, quick documentation, type checks, and navigation:

  • Code completion for substructures and choices
  • Navigation to declaration of keys
  • Quick documentation for all keys in the editor and during code completion
  • Type check for scalar types (characters, booleans, numbers, selection lists)

Code Assistant for argument_spec variables

To use the code assistant features for argument-spec variables, the variable must have an OrchidE role annotation and playbooks with inventory entries must exist (i.e., in playbooks hosts: <name> and in the inventory a corresponding <name> entry).

Automatic detection of typical Ansible folders

OrchidE now recognizes standard Ansible folders and offers to apply the configuration automatically.

Recognition of Ansible folders in the editor with a typical Ansible file

If there is no configuration yet, OrchidE scans the IntelliJ project and offers to take over all folders found. For most projects, no further configuration of the Ansible Folder Mappings is necessary.

Recognition of Ansible folders when opening a project

Found Ansible folders are now displayed in the Ansible Folder Mapping configuration and can be easily added.

Ansible folder mapping configuration with automatically found folders

Extension of the action “Go to related item”

The action “Go to related item” now also offers entries from the inventory if these are super- or subgroups of the inventory entry.




If the “ansible-dev” group is referenced in the playbook, the action can now also be used to navigate directly to variable files in the “ansible” group.

Action related item with superstructures/substructures from inventory


  • Change: The folder names in the configuration Ansible Folder Mapping are now displayed relative to the project directory for better clarity.
  • Bugfix: Ansible project view does not show top-level entries from YAML inventory files.
  • Bugfix: ‘SlowOperation not allowed in EDT’ error in Intention “Create File”.


Support for IntelliJ platform 2022.1 is deprecated and will end with the launch of the EAP for IntelliJ version 2024.1.