OrchidE Version 2022.1.7.2: Bug fixes and improved compatibility for EAP version 2023.3.

OrchidE 2022.1.7.2

OrchidE comes with improved compatibility for IntelliJ EAP version 2023.3 and some small bug fixes.


  • Bugfix: SlowOperations error when opening Ansible vault file (OrchideUtilFile.getJavaNormalizedPath(OrchideUtilFile.kt:557)).
  • Bugfix: Wrong name displayed for editor tab name for playbook files when using OrchidE’s tab name feature.


The facet configuration is deprecated and will be removed with one of the next releases (-> moved to Ansible Folder Mapping).

Support for IntelliJ platform 2022.1 is deprecated and will end with the launch of the EAP for IntelliJ version 2024.1.