OrchidE Version 2022.1.7.1: Bug fixes and improved compatibility for EAP version 2023.3.

OrchidE 2022.1.7.1

OrchidE comes with improved compatibility for IntelliJ EAP version 2023.3 and some small bug fixes.


  • Change: Various changes to improve compatibility with IntelliJ EAP version 2023.3.
  • Bugfix: SlowOperations error with guessProjectForFile(ProjectLocatorImpl.java:45), OrchideVaultFileDocumentSynchronizationVetoer.maySaveDocument(OrchideVaultFileDocumentSynchronizationVetoer.kt:54).
  • Bugfix: Error when checking whether a Yaml file is an Ansible Vault file (UnsupportedOperationException).
  • Bugfix: Can’t save vault file when switching between different operating systems (Windows vs. Unix-like OS) or when working with VCS crlf conversion.


The facet configuration is deprecated and will be removed with one of the next releases (-> moved to Ansible Folder Mapping).

Support for IntelliJ platform 2022.1 is deprecated and will end with the launch of the EAP for IntelliJ version 2024.1.