OrchidE Version 2022.1.6: Support for Code Assistant features for hosts and other improvements and fixes

OrchidE 2022.1.6.0

In OrchidE 2022.1.6.0 the playbook keyword hosts now has code completion support and supports the action “Go to Declaration”. Code completion and navigation use the definition from the inventory. Inventory files in INI and Yaml format are supported.

Code completion

Code completion of hosts

and navigation

Navigation to hosts declaration

Support for playbooks in sub folders

OrchidE now shows the related path / namespace of playbooks in the Search Everywhere dialog and in the Go to related Symbol dialog.

Navigation zu Playbooks mit Unterordnern

SearchEverywhere dialog with display of context for roles and playbooks.

Instead of the IntelliJ module, the context of role and playbook entries is now displayed in the Search Everywhere dialog. The determination of the context is based on the configuration in Settings ➞ Languages & Frameworks ➞ OrchidE ➞ Ansible Folder Mapping.

SearchEverywhere - classes dialog with new context


  • Change: Improved naming for editor tabs.
  • Bugfix: Code completion doesn’t work for roles with whitespaces.
  • Bugfix: Code completion and navigation do not work when role names are in quotes.
  • Bugfix: Inventory groups showing wrong icon in Ansible structure view (for yaml inventory files).
  • Bugfix: When using the intention ‘Create Variable’ in tasks files from sub folders, missing vars/default files are created in the wrong folder.
  • Bugfix: Inlay hint for a Jinja reference is not displayed if the referenced variable has no value or is an empty string.
  • Bugfix: meta/main.yml is not shown in Ansible structure view.
  • Bugfix: Folder chooser dialog in settings Ansible Folder Mapping doesn’t show project folder.


The facet configuration is deprecated and will be removed with one of the next releases (-> moved to Ansible Folder Mapping).

Support for IntelliJ Platform 2021.3 is deprecated and will end with the launch of the EAP for IntelliJ version 2023.3.