OrchidE Version 2022.1.5: Neue vereinfachte Konfiguration für die Erkennung von Ansible Dateien

OrchidE 2022.1.5.0

OrchidE 2022.1.5.0 now supports roles in subdirectories (with namespace) and brings a new configuration for Ansible file detection.

Roles within subfolders

OrchidE now supports roles that are inside the roles folder in subdirectories:

- name: Sample playbook snippet
    - role: mycompanyroles/setup

Role includes with subfolder

Configuration of Ansible Folders

Under Settings ➞ Languages & Frameworks ➞ OrchidE ➞ Ansible Folder Mapping the complete configuration for Ansible playbooks, roles and inventories detection and exceptions is now done.

Thereby the base folders for playbooks, roles and inventories have to be defined, so that OrchidE can load the correct parser for all IDE features.

Within the playbooks and roles configuration you additionally define what is a variable file or playbook/role file. E.g. playbook folders can contain task files that are included by playbooks or roles can contain playbooks in the molecule/tests folder.

Ansible folder mapping configuration

This version of OrchidE is verified against IntelliJ platform version EAP 232.6095.10 from May 18, 2023.


  • Change: Performance improvements for code completion and navigation lookup for role imports/includes in playbooks.
  • Bugfix: Quick documentation is not inserted correctly in inventory variable files if the description in the ‘argument_spec’ file is multiline.


The facet configuration is deprecated and will be removed with one of the next releases (-> moved to Ansible Folder Mapping).

Support for IntelliJ platform 2021.3 is deprecated and will end with the release of IntelliJ platform 2023.3.