OrchidE Version 2022.1.1: Improvements for Ansible Vault and include/import tasks

OrchidE 2022.1.1.0

OrchidE 2022.1.1.0 brings many small improvements and fixes.

For Ansible Vault files the Vault id can now be set afterwards.

Set a new vault id

File references in tasks

Code assistant functions for the modules include_tasks, import_tasks and template have been improved and extended:

  • File references to Jinja templates now support folders in file path.
  • Navigation to a referenced file is now a single file path (instead of folders + file) entry.
  • Support code completion for sub dictionaries within Jinja templates.
  • Inspection missing file now shows the original file reference string with Jinja templates.
  • New configuration flag to filter code completion suggestions by file extension *.j2 for template task. (Settings ➞ Editor ➞ OrchidE : code completion section).
  • Performance improvements.


  • Change: Inspection undefined variable now finds variables defined with task’s vars keyword.
  • Bugfix: Inlays show wrong values if variable names have the same prefix.
  • Bugfix: Block keyword not detected when followed by a comment.
  • Bugfix: Parser does not recognize the keyword block if it is immediately followed by a comment.
  • Bugfix: Inspection wrong keyword displays an error of an valid name if the name matches a module name.
  • Bugfix: Parser shows an error if a dictionary/list is used in a Jinja function in Jinja templates (e.g. {{ combine(var1, { 'key': value|string + x['abc'] } ) }}.
  • Bugfix: Code completion does not display variables defined with the keyword vars.
  • Bugfix: Inspection wrong module argument type brings an error if referenced values contain a ‘\’ character.


Support for IntelliJ platform 2021.1 is deprecated and will end with the release of IntelliJ platform 2023.1.