OrchidE Version 2021.1.8: Code completion / navigation for argument src of module template

OrchidE 2021.1.8.0

OrchidE 2021.1.8.0 now supports code completion and navigation go to declaration for template files.

  • Code completion for the src argument of the template module.
  • Navigation to the template file for the module template (without Jinja support)

For code completion, the default search path is limited to the search path <Ansible search paths>/templates/*.

In the configuration Editor | OrchidE the behavior can be changed to get all files suggested that Ansible supports.

Actions for module template

For variables of type ‘list’ from the argument_spec file, OrchidE now supports code completion for the choices of the list.

Selection of lists of argument spec options


  • Bugfix: IntelliJ error when a Jinja2 template is selected in the VCS Diff window.
  • Bugfix: Parser error when using concatenated strings in Jinja2 templates, e.g. {{ groups[ prefix.host + “Server”] }}.


Support for IntelliJ platform 2020.3 is deprecated and will end with the release of IntelliJ platform 2022.3.