OrchidE Version 2021.1.4: Navigation from Ansible files to associated files

OrchidE 2021.1.4.0

OrchidE 2021.1.4.0 now supports navigation to associated files for Ansible files.

For example, from a role, it is possible to directly navigate

  • to playbooks, which contain the role,
  • to group/host variables,
  • to inventory entries,
  • and to all files within the role.

The function is available via the IntelliJ action Navigate -> Related Symbol. (Ctrl + Alt + Home, Ctrl + + Up)

Navigation between Ansible files

Navigation is supported:

from playbooks

  • to vars files
  • to roles (-> tasks/main.yml)
  • to group/host variables
  • to inventory entries

from roles (tasks, vars, defaults)

  • to all files of the role
  • to playbooks, including this role
  • to group/host variables (via included role in playbook)
  • to inventory entries (via included role in playbook)

from inventory entries (cursor must be on entry)

  • to playbooks
  • to group/host variables

from group/host variables

  • to playbooks
  • to roles (via playbook)
  • to inventory entries


Support for IntelliJ platform 2020.1 is deprecated and will end with the release of IntelliJ platform 2022.1

Support for Ansible versions 2.9 and 2.8 is deprecated.