OrchidE Version 2021.1.2: New file Action for Ansible files

OrchidE 2021.1.2.0

OrchidE 2021.1.2.0 now assists in creating new Ansible files.

New file dialog for Ansible files

The creation is context-independent, i.e. roles are always created in the configured role folder. The New file action uses the facet configuration (facet ‘OrchidE Ansible’) to find the appropriate folder.

The following types can be created:

  • Roles: creates a folder for the role and depending on the selection an initial file tasks/main.<ext> or meta/main.<ext>.
  • Playbooks: creates a playbook file or folder with a file main.<ext>.
  • Group var: creates an inventory group var file in <inventory>/group_vars folder. Optionally as a folder with default filename.
  • Host var: creates an inventory host var file in <inventory>/host_vars folder.

If no folder is specified for the type in the facet configuration, the currently selected path from the Project-View is taken as the basis.
If multiple folders are specified for the type in the facet configuration, the matching path will be searched based on the current path in the Project-View. If the current path is not part of a configured Inventory, Playbook or Role base directory, the current path will be used.

The default file name for folder-based group var files and the preferred YAML file extension can be configured in the settings (File | Settings | Editor | OrchidE).

New file dialog for Ansible files


  • Change: Inlay hints can now display recursively resolved values for variables if the reference is unique
  • Change: Inlay hints for Jinja variables now supports set_fact variables.
  • Change: Inlay hints in tooltips now include the path to the file of the reference.
  • Change: Inlay hints can now be displayed as a “tooltip icon”. The complete information is then in the tooltip.
  • Change: Jinja2 templates feature (.j2) now includes support for base template language of YAML files (.yml.j2, *.yaml.j2). (supports combined usage with other yaml based plugins like JetBrains’ Kubernetes plugin)
  • Change: Jinja2 templates feature now adds closing brace for Jinja2 variables template “{{ }}”.
  • Change: The setting for the Ansible version has been replaced by the entry <collections> for version 2.10 and higher. The version is defined by the installed OrchidE builder definition package.
  • Change: The inspections “Deleted Module” has been removed for Ansible version >=2.10. The inspection “Unknown Ansible play, task and block keyword” can be used instead.
  • Bugfix: Inlay hints setting ‘hide default values’ is not working for defaults variables files in roles.
  • Bugfix: Setting file type pattern ‘Task’ was not properly recognized.
  • Bugfix: Introduce Variable refactoring doesn’t work with multi line strings.
  • Bugfix: ‘Comment with Line Comment’ moves cursor one line down in generic Jinja2 template (plain text).


Support for IntelliJ platform 2020.1 is deprecated and will end with the release of IntelliJ platform 2022.1

Support for Ansible versions 2.9 and 2.8 is deprecated.
Support for Ansible version 2.7 has been removed.