OrchidE Version 2020.1.6: New Features

OrchidE 2020.1.6.0: New Features

OrchidE 2020.1.6.0 comes with improvements for Ansible include-modules (import_tasks, include_tasks, import_playbook und vars_files).

OrchidE now additionally supports

  • code completion for files to include
  • navigation support for full path
  • inspection for missing files
  • the creation of missing files
  • the creation of additional files when Ansible Facts variables are used

At least IntelliJ Platform 2019.3 is required to create new files (for Ansible fact based insertion).

Create file intention

Supported Ansible facts are

  • ansible_distribution
  • ansible_os_family
  • ansible_system
  • ansible_distribution_major_version

More facts available via email or via GitHub issue/pull request for the definition file.


  • Change: inspection undefined variables now also recognizes variables in loops with with_dict.
  • Change: new inspection to detect duplicate YAML keys.
  • Bugfix: error when setting a variables file to plain text.
  • Bugfix: parser error in string concatenation in Jinja2 templates.
  • Bugfix: missing html entity decoding in documentation of return values.


Support for IntelliJ platform 2019.2 is deprecated and will end with the release of IntelliJ platform 2021.2.