OrchidE Version 2020.1.4: Support for Ansible vault files

OrchidE 2020.1.4.0: Support for Ansible vault files

OrchidE 2020.1.4.0 can now decrypt and encrypt Ansible vault files.


(Update Apr. 16, 2021)

This version is now available on the Marketplace.

This version is currently not available via the JetBrains Marketplace.

Please download the version from the website and install the plugin via the plugin settings (Icon für Install –> “Install Plugin from disk “)

  • OrchidE 2020.1.4.0 für IntelliJ Version >= 2019.3.1
  • OrchidE 2020.1.4.0 für IntelliJ Version 2019.2
  • OrchidE 2020.1.4.0 für IntelliJ Version 2019.1

The usual download from the Marketplace will be delivered as soon as possible.

  • Decrypt Vault files with and without Vault id.
  • Decrypted files can be used like normal files with variables - supports navigation, code completion, inspection
  • Optional persistent storage of the password in the IntelliJ password safe for each Vault id. Alternatively, the password is only kept in memory.
  • Encrypt new files with/without Vault id.
  • Support for IntelliJ’s “Auto-Save” feature - OrchidE encrypts Vault files when IntelliJ saves them. Passwords (within Ansible files) are never stored in plain text - even if they are visible in the editor.
    Explicit encryption is not necessary.
  • Supports comparison of Vault files with VCS.

    Support for Ansible Vault files

More details about decrypting/encrypting can be found in the documentation.


  • Change: Further performance improvement for the inspection “Undefined Variables”.
  • Change: Inspection “Undefined Variables” now also supports variables defined in include-/import_role
      - import_role:
          name: test_role
          testkey: "hello" 

Restrictions for IntelliJ platform 2019.1 and 2019.2

If there is more than one open project with IntelliJ platform versions 2019.1 and 2019.2, the “Close Project” button must be pressed twice, if there are unsaved vault files.


Support for IntelliJ platform 2019.2 is deprecated and will end with the release of IntelliJ platform 2021.2.

OrchidE version 2020.1.4.0 is the last version supporting IntelliJ platform 2019.1.