OrchidE Version 2019.1.10: Quick-Fix and Intentions to create Ansible variables based on Jinja2 templates

OrchidE 2019.1.10.0: Supports the creation of Ansible variables based on Jinja2 templates

In version 2019.1.10.0, you can create Ansible variables for roles and host/group vars directly from Jinja2 template code.

Intention to create Ansible variable

With the intentions “Create vars variable” and “Create defaults variable” it is possible to create Ansible variables directly from Jinja2 template code ({{ my_variable }})

With the intention “Create host/group var variable” a variable can be created for each Ansible Reference in an existing host/group var based on a Jinja2 template code.

To use Ansible command line variables (parameter –extra-vars) in OrchidE, such variables can be created in OrchidE. These variables will taken into account durtaing code completion and the inspection “Undefined Variable”.

Settings Extra Vars

These variables are stored in the IntelliJ .idea project directory (orchide-extravars.xml) and can checked-in to version control system.

With the Quick Fix action for the inspection “Undefined Variable” new variables can easily be added to the list. Quick Fix extra vars

Other changes

  • Bugfix: Fix error on enter in empty file
  • Bugfix: Fix parser error in multi line strings when using multi line quote strings
  • Bugfix: Fix several parser errors in jinja strings
  • Bugfix: Fix error when using a module name string as jinja reference
  • Bugfix: Fix quick fix error in plain text jinja templates