OrchidE Version 2019.1.8: Changes, bug fixes and support for IntelliJ EAP 2020

OrchidE 2019.1.8.0: Changes, bug fixes and support for IntelliJ EAP 2020

Version 2019.1.8.0 now indents the cursor automatically and supports the EAP program 2020.1.

Enter now automatically indents based on typical usage in Ansible Playbooks and Roles. For the keywords - block, rescue, always, tasks, pre_tasks, post_tasks and handlers - the hyphen for the typically following tasks are added.

To unindent a line, the “Smart Key” setting Unindent on Backspace is supported. Note: In OrchidE there is no distinction between the two indent options of IntelliJ.

Furthermore, the indentation can be undone by pressing the “Enter” key if the current line is a blank line. This functionality is deactivated by default and must be activated via Settings -> Editor -> OrchidE.

It is now possible to use encrypted values for variables in playbooks, roles and vars files (YAML tag !vault)

Other changes

  • Change: variable name can now begin with “_” or numbers
  • Change: (internal) plugin metadata changed to organization id
  • Change: improvement of the parser for multi line text.
  • Bugfix: fixes the parser error when a comma comes after a jinja variable.
  • Bugfix: fixes the parser error when using lists below roles:.
  • Bugfix: fixes code-completion in the handler: section in playbooks.