OrchidE Version 2019.1.5: Ansible version 2.9 support

OrchidE 2019.1.5.0: Ansible 2.9 Support

Version 2019.1.5 of OrchidE now supports Ansible version 2.9.

A new inspection “Removed Modules” now helps migrating to a new Ansible version. Starting with Ansible Version 2.9 removed modules are still accepted by the parser, but can be declared as a warning or error via the inspection “Removed Modules” and can be reviewed in the inspection results. Inspection Deleted Modules for Ansible 2.9

  • Change: the inspection for detecting Deprecated Modules now shows the names of the module and possibly existing replacement modules.
  • Bugfix: Jinja2 Whitespace Control - Jinja2 templates will now be correctly parsed when using Jinja2 Whitespace Control expressions {{-, -}}.
  • Deprecated: support for Ansible Version 2.5 syntax highlighting and code completion is deprecated.