OrchidE Version 2019.1.3: Support for Jinja2 templates

OrchidE 2019.1.3.0 brings Jinja2 template support

Jinja2 templates

OrchidE now supports Jinja2 templates.

Jinja2 template support for Ansible templates

OrchidE supports Jinja2 templates for

  • XML (“.xml.j2”)
  • JSON (“.json.j2”)
  • Properties (“.properties.j2”)

Files. Other file extensions are interpreted as plain text. To use the Jinja2 template support, the file extension “.j2” must be appended.

In Jinja2 expressions ({{ }} / Ansible variables and filters) and simple statements ({% % %}) are supported. Also all IntelliJ functions are supported as for Ansible playbooks and roles (Goto functions, search, highlighting, code completion).

Inspection undefined variables with improved loop support

The inspection undefined variables can now check dictionaries in loop variables.

Quick fix support for undefined variables in loops


  • The goto function (for Goto Ansible variables - Navigate | Symbol, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N, Cmd + Alt + O) now searches inside all roles of the project.
    So far, the search has been limited to host and group variables and other variables depending on the active editor.


  • OrchidE now also recognizes YAML files as Ansible variables file which are stored directly in the folder group_vars.
  • The goto function (Navigate | Class, Ctrl + N, Cmd + O) now finds role files in role folders with the pattern “roles[^/]*”.
    So far, the pattern has been “roles\/”.