OrchidE Version 2019.1.2: Support for the latest IntelliJ platform version 2019.2, small improvements and fixes

OrchidE 2019.1.2.0 released

OrchidE now supports the IntelliJ platform version 2019.2. Shortly after JetBrains has released its latest version, you can already use OrchidE with it.


  • Code Completion for Jinja variables now also shows snippets of values. Code completion of Ansible variables with display of values
  • Code Completion for Jinja variables now also works with incomplete Jinja templates and subsequent parser errors. Code completion with open Jinja brackets


  • Comments directly after a multi-line string are now correctly displayed as comments.
  • Keywords that were only added with an Ansible Version 2.5 - 2.8 are now correctly compared with the set version and are is correctly hidden and shown during code completion.
  • The goto function (Navigate | Class, Ctrl + N, Cmd + O) now also finds playbook files without explicit subfolders.
  • Code Completion for block keywords now also works for always and rescue.